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Saying that the newspaper industry is struggling would be a huge understatement. It is a dying platform to present the news as today’s society is constantly moving towards a web-based outlook, and newspapers are no exception. How do you fix it? Well, becoming more involved in the social media landscape can’t hurt and The Dallas Morning News is taking an initiative. They are teaming up with Slingshot LCC to create “a new social content marketing company called Speakeasy.” Their idea is to increase their productivity with the social media aspects of their company. They don’t want to be able to simply “use” it, they want to perfect it and make it a valuable asset of the company.

This is very interesting to me and I can this this being a trend. Newspapers are struggling and it is mainly due to their underwhelming influence on the internet. If newspapers can change how the general public views them by becoming more innovative and influential on social media sites, then we may see a breakthrough in the industry. I am very interested to see the impact that this change has on The Dallas Morning News. If it is positive, then expect to see copy cats.