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There has always been a debate for photojournalists surrounding Instagram. Well, Time magazine used it and had great success. This success might open the door for other serious news organizations to use it. Time acquired 12,000 new followers and was responsible for 13% of all Time’s traffic for the week. Those are some pretty impressive numbers and we all know it does not take long for others to copy success. Love it or hate it, Instagram enhanced the view-ability of Time’s site by making it seem trendy and cool. It attracted a younger audience, the kind of audience than any news platform wants to attract, as they are the audience of the future.

Time made this decision consciously, which is important to note. It was not as if some people who worked at Time decided it would be fun to do. As the storm approached, Time’s director of photography, Kira Pollack, appointed five photographers from the region to use Instagram and gave them access to Time’s Instagram feed. This shows me that established news sources are aware of Instagram’s impact, as this was spearheaded as the storm approached. She was already aware of what Instagram could do and knew that a storm was a perfect time to try it. She hit a home-run, for lack of a better term, with that decision.

As far as how I feel, I am always for moving with the times and trying new ideas. If it works, then that’s progress, if it does not, well, move on. Twitter has become seemingly intwined with journalists, so why not Instagram with photojournalists? I believe there will be a day where it is more accepted and not as taboo or groundbreaking as it is now. Instagram is a way into a younger generation’s appeal, and that is a goal amongst all news outlets, so the appeal will most likely only grow.